• amaretto
    almond gelato with amaretti biscuits
  • ambassador
    chocolate hazelnut praline gelato
  • banana
    with fresh bananas
  • biscottino
    cookie dough gelato and chocolate cookies
  • cioccolato
    pure cocoa and milk
  • cioccomenta
    natural mint and chocolate chips
  • nocciola
    hazelnuts from Piedmont
  • pistacchio
    bronte pistachio nuts from Sicily
  • tiramisù
    mascarpone cheese, sponge and coffee
  • vaniglia
    bourbon and tahiti vanilla pods
  • yogurt amarena
    yoghurt and sour cherry “amarene”


  • dark chocolate
    plain chocolate sorbet
  • fragola
    with strawberries
  • lime mint
    virgin mojito with lime juice and fresh mint
  • mango
    with mangoes
  • mirtillo
    with blueberries
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